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Invisible Marked Cards UV Contact Lenses

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Spy Invisible UV Contact Lenses are the game changer for all the poker games. The number and suit of the opponent’s playing cards can be easily detected with these invisible UV contact lenses without getting notice by anyone. The specialty of these contact lenses is it is available for different color eyes such as contact lenses for black eyes, gray eyes, blue eyes and green eyes. To make it comfortable for the user these contact lenses are made of very high quality material HEMA so that user can use for longer durations without causing any harm to his eyes.


World Poker Tour

Cheat in all poker card game

Gamble cheat in all card games

Casino Private room card games

Card games in club

Magic show of marked playing cards


1. Is it easy to be suspected by others when using contact lenses?

No, our contact lenses are hidden, suitable for all eye’s color. It’s difficult to be found by other people.

2. What size and color do you have?

We have 6mm, 8mm, 9mm of pupil diameter and have blue, light purple, dark purple, green of pupil color.

3. How long can I use these lenses?

More than 1 year, until it’s no longer good at seeing marked cards.

4. How to keep these contact lenses safe for longer period?

We suggest always keep these contact lenses in contact lens solution to keep it safe and to use for longer period.