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Korean Poker Cheating Contact Lenses

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Korean Poker Cheating Contact Lenses are specially designed for all types of marked cards printed with any type of luminous technology. It doesn’t matter whether the user will use paper cheating cards or plastic cheating cards it works with efficiently with both the cards. Throughout the world players use these lenses to cheat in all card gambling games and to become wealthier in fraction of seconds.

Korean poker cheating contact lenses are made with the very soft material HEMA to make it gentle on the eyes of the user. It is hard to be detecting these lenses in the eyes of the user because these lenses are 100% invisible in the eyes of the user.

Different size of contact lenses are available at our store like 9mm cheating contact lenses, 8mm cheating contact lenses and 6mm cheating contact lenses.

Steps in using Korean Poker Cheating Contact Lenses:

1. Firstly wash your hands properly before using contact lenses

2. Take out the lenses out of the contact lens solution

3. Wear it properly with very gentle hands

4. Identify the secret markings on the back of other player’s cards