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Marked Cards Invisible Contact Lenses

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The specialty of Marked Cards Invisible Contact Lenses is it can be used by all the users of different color eyes. After wearing marked cards contact lenses, the color of the eyes of the user are the same as its original color of the eyes so it is hard to be found by others. Marked Cards Contact Lenses is a good choice to cheat at Omaha, Texas, Blackjack card games. Once you wear UV Marked cards contact lenses, you will see the number and suit clearly on all types of invisible marked playing cards.

Tips for using Marked Cards Contact Lenses:

1. The best situation is under the white light, especially under the energy-saving light.

2. Please make sure to wash your hands clearly before wear the contact lenses in case of infecting your eyes.

3. Before playing the card games with contact lenses, it is better wear the contact lenses about several hours for adapting.